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Visiting Orlando? 3 Bedroom condo for $100 per night
December 26, 2007


Holy Land Christmas
December 10, 2007


Come To The Manger – A Bethlehem Christmas
Coming November 23, 2007 – January 5, 2008

The Spirit and Joy of Christmas dance through the streets of the Holy Land Experience. Festive musicals and spiritually engaging presentations unfold throughout the day. Light the Lights!, King Herod, The Mysteries of the Magi, and more help tell the tender story of the birth of the Christ child.

“Come to The Manger”
The town of Bethlehem comes alive in the brand new Holy Land original musical “Come to The Manger!”  Experience the hustle and bustle of a town turned upside down.  Follow Mary and Joseph to the lowly stable where God gave his greatest gift of all.  Feel the amazement of the shepherds as they hear the Angel’s charge to find their Messiah.  And, join the Magi as they worship and adore the newborn king!  All the wonder and beauty of the season as you’ve never seen before, “Come to The Manger” is a joyful and exciting celebration of our Savior’s birth!

“Light the Lights! – The Story of Hanukah”
The Hebrew Feast of Dedication comes alive through traditional music and dance!  Learn the legends and customs of this most beloved of Jewish holidays.  Gather together as we light the menorah and sing the ancient blessings, which begin the eight days of celebration.  Discover how the tiny dreydl preserved the study of ancient scripture and how in the darkest of days, God’s chosen people received victory through His sustaining power!

“The Mysteries of the Magi”
Who were these strange men from the East?  What was it that made them leave everything and travel across the desert to worship the Christ Child?  In “The Mysteries of the Magi” you will discover the ancient prophecies, which set these men on their journey.  Come and unlock the secrets for yourself. 

KidVenture – “The True Story of St. Nicholas”
Laughs and surprises wait for you in the brand new KidVenture – “The True Story of St. Nicholas.”  You’ll visit the tiny village of Patara and discover the amazing story of a 3rd century bishop who learned that it was better to give than receive.  Hear the myths that became legends and sit in on the first church council (complete with boxing gloves!).  This may not be exactly how you remember it but you’ll never forget, “The True Story of St. Nicholas!”

There certainly have been some strange things going on in the village.  Zechariahs, the priest has been struck mute and now his wife Elizabeth has been missing for months!  No one knows what the reason might be, but that doesn’t stop two nosy neighbors from trying to find out.  “Talebearers” is a light-hearted look at two gossips that think they have all the answers.  But as they’ll soon discover, the truth is seldom how it appears.

“Ye Olde Christmas Carols”
Celebrate the birth of Jesus with the songs and carols of Christmas.  Presented by the Holy Land Experience Carolers, this accapella group, dressed in the style of the day, will charm and delight you with old favorites along with the classic carols of yesteryear.  This is real Christmas music that’s sure to put you and your family in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Southern Gospel
Our resident Southern Gospel quartet, “The Fishers of Men”, will be performing a very special Christmas Concert.  With favorites like, “Strange Way to Save the World,” “Glorious Impossible,” and “The King is Coming,” the Fishers of Men are sure to have you singing and rejoicing as we join together to celebrate our Savior’s birth

Father and Son Christmas Music
November 30, 2007

Camp Kirkland and his son, Kirk,
have teamed up to bring you…
Christmas is Peace


Christmas is Peace is a 20-minute presentation that explores the prophetic biblical idea of “peace on earth and good will toward men.” Many of the prophecies regarding Jesus’ birth foretold of the peace He would bring. Jesus himself, late in his ministry said, “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives…Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” (John 14:27) His followers were expecting an earth-bound political peace, but Jesus spoke of His peace…a heavenly peace. Jesus knew this was only possible through His advent and His coming sacrifice, and He came to show us that true peace begins in the heart of the one who’s been set right with God. HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING • CHRISTMAS IS PEACE • GO TELL IT! • NOW I SEE YOU • IT IS WELL

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Evidence Ministries-Gospel Music
November 22, 2007


In their 9th year of ministry, “Evidence” continues to present the Gospel through music and testimony to the Body of Christ.  “Our mission statement is to encourage and challenge the Body of Christ to be evidence of a living, loving God to the world.” says Kirk.  “As believers, we are the tangible Body of Christ here on the earth.  Our lives must be living proof of a God who can change a life.” Comprised of two married couples, Tim and Amy Henning and Kirk and Julianne Kirkland, Evidence is a culmination of a lifelong dream, and considering their heritage, a seemingly natural path to follow.  With strong musical roots (Kirk’s father is arranger/orchestrator Camp Kirkland) Tim and Kirk grew up singing together in Jacksonville, FL at the First Baptist Church.  “Kirk and I have been best friends since we were about 8 years old,” says Tim, “it’s been so long, we don’t even remember meeting.”  You can hear this “sibling” sound in their blend on stage and brotherly relationship off stage.  Julianne and Amy were added in by marriage.  While attending Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga completing a church music degree, Tim met and later married Amy.  Originally from High Point, NC, Amy spent her time at TN Temple pursuing a degree in Vocal Performance.Kirk finished a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Florida State University and traveled with the Living Word concert ministry before moving to Nashville to pursue work as a studio singer.  That’s where Julianne enters the picture.  Originally from Dayton, OH, Julianne attended Cedarville University and completed a double major of French Horn Performance and Communications.  She then moved to Nashville to work in the Christian Music industry.  During this time, she met and married Kirk as God had brought together the final piece of what would soon become Evidence.Licensed and ordained to the ministry, both Tim and Kirk knew they were called to the church.  “Kirk and I had always wanted to minister together in some capacity,” says Tim.  “ With our love of music and passion for people, along with God bringing wives into our lives with like hearts, Evidence soon became a reality.”After completing their 4th recording project (produced by Scott Williamson – FFH, Point of Grace, Michael O’ Brien), entitled Look Up in the fall of 2004, and with the 2006 release of Voices, their much anticipated acappella recording, the group feels a new momentum with a timely message for the church.  “God has been teaching all of us individually and as a group about perspective,” says Amy.  “We know that every place we sing there are people that are hurting, struggling, striving in their walk with the Lord… like we are.”  “Just because we’re up in front of them doesn’t mean we don’t struggle just the same,” agrees Julianne.  “The Lord has been challenging us to “look up” and see things from HIS perspective. When we look from His point of view, everything changes. How we see God, ourselves, others, even our circumstances. We can’t help but change.”  Kirk agrees, “Seeing the heart of God, His love for us, His love for the world – we are realizing more and more on our journey that life may be hard, but God is good.”Just down the road, or the interstate, here in America or abroad, Evidence has a desire to see God at work and join Him there.  Whether in the presentation of original songs and testimonies, leading in worship, teaching workshops or leading choir/orchestra clinics, Evidence desires first to challenge believers everywhere to be evidence of God’s grace to the world, that they might secondly, show the lost how to have a personal relationship with a living, loving God through His son, Jesus.

to hear some samples of thier music,or get concert info check thier site.

Christian Contractor
November 8, 2007

MCG Realty in Jacksonville,Florida
November 8, 2007

mcg_rgb.jpg49409_400.jpgMCG Realty is a family based company,Including Rhonda Martin and her 2 Daughters,Tara(Martin-Chastian in March) and Jenifer Galaska.

With Christian and family values being the upmost of importance,you can be assured they will help you find the home thats perfect for you.

Rhonda Martin